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Why You Should Use The Growth-Driven Design Model For Your Website Redesign

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When first made you’re website was a lead generating, client engaging machine. But, now it is outdated, and results have started to taper off and customers are starting to go to your competition. You know it’s time. Time to do something you’ve been holding off on and dreading for awhile…….. a website ::gasp:: REDESIGN.


How It All Starts

You’ve done your job. You’ve spent a countless number of hours pouring your sweat, blood and tears into a brand new website for your company. You finally get it launched and everything is working great. Customers are finding you. Current clients are becoming more engaged. Everything is going swimmingly. You’re happy as a clam.

Then a few years go by. Your once, state of the art website, revenue driving asset, is now outdated, and it’s time for you to start a redesign. Current website redesign processes would suggest you follow the standard protocol. Create your strategies, your wire frames, and your deliverable dates, and then you launch when it is 100% ready. Easy peasy.

Realistically, no, not easy peasy lemon squeezy. The traditional web design and web redesign process is not efficient, or effective, thus broken. ::cue heroic music:: This is when HubSpot’s new philosophy, the Growth-Driven Design model, comes in to save the day.

Want to see HubSpots website fully dedicated to Growth-Drive Design? Check it out here.


A Parable

Imagine it’s summertime and you have a 100 acre farm with vegetables that you sell to local markets. Some vegetables sell better than the others. Everybody LOVES farmer Joe’s tomatoes, but few markets have picked up on the squash. Regardless of what is selling, the green grass is growing by the day. You have 100 acres. That’s a lot of grass. Could seem overwhelming (sound familiar?). But you have a plan.

You’re going to mow the grass around the highest producing vegetables first and once you’ve finished, do you store the mower away for good? Of course not! You’ll slowly mow around the remaining, less popular, vegetables.This is the Growth-Driven Design model – farmers edition!

How Can GDD Help

The Growth-Driven Design model is the future of website design, and website redesign, and will be the number 1, most crucial practice behind a successful website; high level, Growth-Driven Design is the process of continuously digesting and understanding data from your website that directs you how to best optimize the site for optimum results. The website data that you are collecting provides insight into what areas of the site should be focused on first.

Here’s an example. If the about us page on your website used to drive a large amount of traffic, but the traffic has been slowly decreasing over time, then the about us page needs to go into the Growth-Driven Design model list of phase 1 priorities. But if the contact us page has consistently been growing, or not losing website traffic, that does not require immediate attention, so can be placed in a later phase on the priority list.

You redesign your website pages that are most relevant and the most important to your end users. The outdated process of revisiting a website every few years and performing a month-long overhaul of redesign based off unproven and untested hypothesis’ is not only as headache inducing as it sounds, but it is also, more often than not, fruitless once finished.

Growth-Driven Design allows a website to improve in real-time by the use of data-driven decisions that create a sales and marketing alignment within the operatives of the site’s functionality to your business. This means, GDD focuses on iterations instead of month long overhauls that halt your website altogether. It is quick, consistent, calculated work that pays off whereas typical redesigns cause a plummet in website usage and returns unrecognizable to users.

These facts make it almost impossible not to adopt the strategy of Growth-Driven Design for your website today. If website professionals aren’t already praising GDD as the “gold standard” for delivering profitable results to your website and business, they soon will be.

What’s Next

It’s time your website grows WITH your business instead of AWAY from it. Make the right choice by contacting an agency today (psst, did you know Reds Media is an expert in GDD?) to set your website on a launch pad to success and receive consistent care, measured growth, and proven profit in return. What have you got to lose?

Still unsure of what the Growth-Driven Design model can do for your website? Contact us with your questions and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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