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3 Simples Ways To Separate Your Website From The Competition

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You’ve built the business plan, you’ve done the research and you have identified the target market; but what comes next? Your website!

Across the cyber-world, there are countless services that allow a small business to create a website. The initial task of launching a website to the public is simple. But, crafting a head-turning and fully optimized platform on the internet is an entirely different task. Here are 3 ways you can transform your website and set it apart from the competition.

1. Make the website design mobile responsive.

According to Stone Temple, mobile usage is continuing to grow. In fact, 63% of people use their mobile devices to view content whereas only 37% use their desktop computers. At this rate, your website’s ability to be fully functional and viewable in mobile form matters. If your website is top notch when you visit it from your desktop but unrecognizable through your phone, chances are your site traffic will take a loss. By obtaining mobile compatibility with your website, you can open the door to more than double the online population. Now that can lead to some serious profit.  

2. Optimize the website design.

“Optimize my website? What does that even mean?” Website optimization is the process of making specific changes to your website so that it may appear higher in online searches. Though you personally may know how to view your website, if it hasn’t been optimized, then it won’t be easily searchable to the general public. By gaining professional assistance, your website can pop-up in Google searches for the world to see. That’s how you grow into a well known brand!

3. Know your “Why?”

So you have a website, but WHY? If your reason is “Because everyone else does”, then you might be missing the real why. Your website is meant to represent your brand, business, or whatever it may be and generate not only attention; but it should make you money! When you gain a full understanding of the parts that make-up your website, you can measure your returns and properly strategize accordingly. Think of the why as your foundation to the website construction. If you blindly build your foundation then attempt to build your small business atop it, the whole operation is going to slide backward. Build that foundation strong so your business can go sky high!

Does your own website confuse you? If so, please contact the professionals at Reds Media today to schedule a free consultation OR sign up for a free website evaluation and let us do all the work for you!

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